Friday, April 04, 2008


Yep ladies and gentlemen...I am oficially a member of the ATV riders association. I figured since Pace had a quad, I needed one too so we could go out riding together. Mine is a used one and it needs a little bit of work (minor cosmetic stuff) but it is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to take it out riding!

My father in law and his new wife (they just got married yesterday) are going to come visit us this weekend. I am excited to meet his wife and also to see him, it has been almost 2 years since we have seen him. It will be nice to hear what he has to say about our house and the life that Pace and I are building together.
FIL asked the dreaded question last night. Pace had told him that I had a surprise to show him when he got to our house (meaning the quad) however my FIL asked if it was a grandbaby. It broke my heart to have to hear my husband tell his dad "no." It was the first time this cycle that I got really sad about being infertile. I am actually having a good month for once! But it just made me so damn mad! Why can't I give my husband a child and our parents a grandchild? It just isn't fair!

Here is the big news: Back in Dec. I called to make an appt. for my "well woman" check. The EARLIEST my OB/GYN could get me in was MAY 9th! I was shocked, but it actually worked out great because that would be the 6 month point of doing the M.etf.ormin and Pro.vera combo. I figured that if we weren't pg by May 9th, then I could talk to the dr. about Clomid. So, my dr. called yesterday to tell me that they needed to RESCHEDULE my appt. because the dr. was going to be at a conference on May 9th. I flipped! They wanted to push my appt. back to May 30th, but in order to get in that early, I would have to go with a different dr.

I was so frustrated I told her not to even bother, I would call someone else and I was just going to have to change dr. I told her that if their schedule was that full, maybe they should stop taking new patients. I have been going to them for 5 years, and this is how I get treated!!! Probably cause I can't get pg, so to them I am only a spread 'em once a year paycheck instead of an intense 9 mo. pg with multiple appts. and delivery paycheck. I feel like they have just left me in the dust. They were the ones I went to first, right off at the beginning of my IF. Over 3 years ago, they were the first ones that I opened up to about my desire to have a child and my inability to do so. They were so kind and compassionate back then, but now they couldn't care less about me.

However, I called a different OB/GYN, the lady on the phone was VERY nice, I told her my issue with my current dr. and she said that they rarely book out more than 2 weeks in advance. She said she could get me in on MONDAY!!!! Yes, Monday, like in just a few days. When I told her that I was battling IF, she said "Oh, well I will set you up with Dr. K, she is excellent and has lots of information and experience with IF." I instantly felt better! Hopefully this will be a change for the best and my new dr. will GET ME PREGNANT!!!!!!


JJ said...

Hope this doctor gives you great care ;)

Jeremy&Emily said...

wow, I can't believe they treated you like that! I've had a few of those experiences before. But I'm glad you found a different doc. I hope she gives you the care you deserve. Maybe this change is exactly what you need.