Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sushi it is...

nuff said.

Waiting for AF so we can do this whole damned thing all over again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Tradition

Ok - hopefully we don't have to do it long enough to really be considered a tradition, but I came up with a new idea to tell people if the cycle worked or if it didn't.

First of all, only my blogger friends, my chat board friends, my mother and one other friend know that we are cycling and where we are in our cycle. It is just easier to keep it quiet rather than have people ask "Have you tested yet?", "When are you going to test?" etc.

So....here is what we have decided. If the pg test is negative - we will go out for Sushi and Beer for dinner that night...if the pg test is positive, we will go out for a nice Steak and Dessert. So...we will announce on fb (because it is code and most people won't get it), on my blog, on my chat board, to my mom and to my friend that we are having Sushi, or Steak. That is it, end of story. Don't ask questions.

I am really liking this. Sushi is my all time favorite food and I have been known to be fond of beer too, so it is a perfect meal to make me feel a little bit better about another BFN...Man I wish I would have thought of this 5 years ago! Think of all of the sushi opportunities I have missed!

Well...next Tuesday...I will announce what's for dinner! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I actually ovulated this month! Woo Hoo! So we are officially in the 2ww. I started doing meditation this morning and found that it has really helped my energy and my mental focus. Helped me get started on a positive note rather than a negative one. I am looking forward to repeating this meditation every day throughout the 2ww to help me get through.

This is the month that I would have given birth to the beautiful child we lost in February. My heart aches and my stomach ties into knots when I think about how this year started. The surprise pregnancy, the sound of the heartbeat...then...the miscarriage. The devastation, the anger, the confusion. I can't believe it has been 8 months since then.

We were invited to a costume party this weekend and I am SO excited! I know I haven't posted pictures lately (like the ones from Mexico I keep promising) but our laptop broke, so I am using the company computer to blog. (on my own time) :-)

My BIL and his girlfriend are moving here in 3 weeks. They will be staying with us for a little while until they find a place of their own. It will be wonderful having them back here. I love his girlfriend and really look forward to spending some quality time with both of them!

We have our trip planned for Thanksgiving! We are heading North hopefully to see some snow! We will be visiting my FIL and his wife in some of the most beautiful country I have every seen! I am very excited, we haven't visited my FIL in 2 years, so this will be a very welcome reunion!

Well...that is a little catch up on me. I haven't posted a lot in the last few months, but mostly because I am tired of posting about negative stuff. So...if I can't think of anything positive to say...I just walk away from the computer. I hope none of you feel abandoned, or that I have given up on the blog, I just need some space. I need to consume my thoughts and energy towards something more positive than infertility.