Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On to another cycle

We are finally ready to start again...today is CD2. I will start Femara tomorrow and see where the roller coaster ride of this month will take us.

I have been a complete emotional wreck for the last week. Saturday morning Pace and I took my niece to breakfast for her 16th birthday. When we went to pay, I realized that Pace had left the coupon on the table and when I went back to get it, the table had already been cleared...I literally had to fight back the tears...seriously? It was only a $5 off coupon!

It just went downhill from there.

Spent most of the day yesterday crying...for no definitive reason...just needed to cry I guess.

I have had a lot of pressure on my plate with work, DH is discussing some major career changes that are totally freaking me out, we have 3 trips coming up in the next 3 months and have no idea how we are going to pay for them, my BIL and his GF are going to be staying with us for a while until they find a place to live here and there are no set plans for that yet (i.e. are their two dogs coming with them as well? How long do they plan on staying etc.) I am very excited for them to move here, but I just need some of these questions answered, my niece is struggling health-wise and it is so hard to live so far away from them.

I guess this has all just come crashing down on me all at one time and I finally lost it.

I am feeling a little better today, am going to take the morning off to run some errands and get some things done around the house.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update from a bad blogger...

Ok, since I had two lovely ladies check up on me today :-) I figured I should probably pull my head out of my rear and post.

I have just been in a funk. I didn't realize how hard the BFN was going to hit me...until it hit me so I have spent much of this cycle trying to deny the fact that we are doing a treatment cycle and so far that has worked for me. Denial sometimes is a great thing.

I am on CD19 and have had 8 straight days of "medium" fertility on my CBEFM...I don't know what that is all about, but I am pretty sure I won't ovulate this month. I am also pretty sure I had a cyst rupture on Saturday from my left ovary. If you haven't experienced that...it hurts like a biatch! If the pain had lasted any longer or had gotten any worse, I would have had DH rush me to the ER.

We went to Mexico for our friends' wedding over Labor day weekend and I don't think I have ever had so much fun! We met some wonderful new people that I think will be friends of ours for a very long time! I seriously didn't want to leave and I was the one that was scared to go down there in the first place!

So that is the update for the month - kind of pathetic, but it is what it is (DH's favorite saying) Still no baby, no BFP...we are nearing 6 years of trying to conceive (holy shit!) and I feel like a broken record. Same story...different month...