Thursday, October 19, 2006

We are going to quit smoking!

It is official, I picked up our prescriptions for Wellbutrin yesterday so...within the next month, Pace and I will be smoke free.
I am very excited, I can't believe how much money we are going to save, as well as being able to breathe better, taste food better, smell better, just feel better overall!!
Prayers would be greatly appreciated as I know this is going to be a trying time for both Pace and I. I have tried to quit before, but have not been successful, so hopefully this will be it for us.
Damn cigarettes anyway...if I could only go back to age 16 when I had my first cigarette I would. I would have thrown it down on the ground and spit on it. It is a nasty disgusting, unhealthy addiction that I would not wish on anyone.
I just hope I feel the same way in 2 months!
Wish us luck!

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