Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am a pill popping junkie

OK, so not REALLY, but actually...yeah, really. I got a call back from my dr. and he wants me to take the provera for another 3 months and double my dose of Met.formin. I am ok with that as long as the Met doesn't make me feel sick, at this point I will take all the pills in the world if it would mean I could close out 2008 with a baby.
I have a good feeling about this though. I really feel like my turn might be coming. For once I REALLY feel some hope. I am not sure why, I really have no scientific reason to think I would get pregnant anytime soon, but...I do. In fact, I am so confident I have started taking prenatal vitamins again. I haven't been taken prenatal vitamins for eight months. I guess I just gave up hope and decided that I shoudn't even waste my time or my money taking prenatal vitamins
I started taking them last night, that is right...another pill - so here is my pill schedule.
Wake up: Take thyroid meds
One hour later: met.formin
One hour before dinner: thyroid
with dinner: met.formin
one hour after dinner: prenatal vitamin
bedtime: provera
Whew....see...I told you I was a pill popping junkie...the first step is admitting it.


Fertilize Me said...

I can relate to the "pill" regimen.

Good luck

Jeremy&Emily said...

I totally know what you mean! I have to take medicine 6x a day!