Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am amazed at the wonderful people (yes...I mean you) that infertility has brought into my life.

You all are the most amazing cheerleaders and I am forever grateful to you! Here are the answers to some of your questions...

1. Are you going to have more betas done before your u/s? I have gotten this question a LOT! I haven't really talked it over with my husband yet, but here is what I think. Today, I am pregnant. I have done all I can do to get pregnant/stay pregnant. Everything else from this day forward is out of my hands. I just kind of want to TRY to enjoy that I am pregnant today, and not worry myself with more numbers, tests etc. If I DID get a 3rd beta, and the numbers weren't what I was hoping for, then the wait for my u/s would be agonizing! I am not sure I could do that. So I guess in some circumstances, ignorance is bliss. I am just going to leave it up to God, because I have no control at this point, only he does.

2. When is your EDD? Our due date based on the day of ovulation is December 20th, this was just looked up on the computer, not given to us by our doctor.

3. There have been questions about which days I tested and got BFP.

11DPO - Negative
12 DPO - VERY faint positive - I mean VERY faint!
13 DPO - Faint line, but definitely a second line BETA 34
14 DPO - Second line darker
15 DPO - Did not POAS but BETA 74

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I am truly blessed by "knowing" each and every one of you. If there has been anything good to come from this hellish 6 year long journey, it is my strengthened relationship with the Lord, and you all!


CrysHouse said...

Thank you for your words today--"I've done all I get to get pregnant/stay pregnant" and then reminding us it's out of our hands at this point.

I needed that reminder.

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I am so beyond amazed and excited for you. Words cant even discribe the feeling I have for you. I know you want this more than a fat kid wants candy. Plaese keep me posted girl. I love you with everything and pace to!!!! You both are in my prayers!!!

Kakunaa said...

Thanks for answering! I asm so glad you are calm and enjoying this :-). Can't wait for more updates!

the misfit said...

Congratulations! Praying this one sticks.

Jen&Carter said...

I have been following for a while now and just never commented. I am so happy for you, God has awesome plans for everyone future if we can just be patience and wait on his timing. Praying for you and husband as you enjoy this pregnancy and this little peanut stick around. COngrats.

Jill said...

Just saw your news on LFCA so I wanted to stop in and say congrats again! I hope everything is going well. I am sure you are so anxious to have your ultrasound. I will certainly be thinking of you and praying for the three of you!