Friday, September 29, 2006

It's fertility coverage

Insurance companies are truly amazing. It has been confirmed that I have absolutely NO fertility coverage. Which means, if the treatments for PCOS don't work and I don't get pg off of those alone, we will either have to pay out of pocket for additional treatments or give up on being biological parents all together and start the adoption process.
It makes me so angry that insurance companies will pay for birth control and tubal ligations to help prevent people from having kids, why won't they cover services for those of us who desperately want children of our own, but can't due to some medical issue?
I didn't choose to have this condition, It is an illness, and I should be able to have my insurance company cover at least some of the costs for treatment.
Oh...I get companies realize that if they cover fertility treatments, then they will eventually have to cover maternity costs, and then cover delivery costs and cover a new baby as well. So instead, they stamp all over the dreams of couples all across the world who want to experience the feeling of their child kicking inside the womb. Want the experience of a "first" ultrasound, birth, seeing your child smile at you or come run into your arms when they get hurt or are sick.
It is so unfair.
So there is my rant for the day. Five more days until my first RE appointment and Pace and I will officially be on the road again of TTC full force, and fully medicated.


crysco1 said...

Nicole I am so sorry to hear about your difficuties in getting pg. If you ever need someone to talk to outside family and close friends feel free to call me 360-286-5821 or email me You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Crystal (Robbins) Ackerman

Nichole said...

Thank you Crystal...that really means a lot to me. I have your # programmed, so I will definately call you if I need to.
The prayers are very much appreciated!