Friday, June 06, 2008

Day 4

So I am still exhausted. Seriously! Pace went out with some friends last night to watch the basketball game. I was supposed to go but my glands are so swollen (as are my ovaries) and I was just too tired. So I opted to stay home. So I went to the store, bought chocolate ice cream and two celebrity magazines and headed home.

I put on my pj's, curled up on the couch and didn't move the rest of the night.

Today I am still exhausted, I am looking forward to relaxing in my pool catching some rays this weekend. Not a care in the world.

Tonight is my last Clo.mid. Then it is time to start POAS (Peeing on a stick) to look for the big "O". Which reminds me that I need to go to the store to pick up some sticks for my O kit.

I am not being monitored by a dr. right now (as far as going in for ultrasounds) I was jut directed to take the pills and look for "O". Which is good since I have another $1500 to pay until my deductible is met and these dr. bills are KILLING me!

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C said...

Sounds like things are going well, despite the side effects. Relax as much as possible this weekend. Ooooh, and chocolate ice cream sounds wonderful!:)