Thursday, June 05, 2008

Holy Hormones!

Yeah, some of the symptoms have hit. The biggest one though is TIREDNESS! I just can't get enough sleep. I am exhausted morning, noon and night. I thought at the beginning of the week that I was just tired from the weekend, but it hasn't gotten any better. Only worse.

I don't remember tiredness being a side effect, but so far that is the main one I have had and for the time being I am going to blame it on the Clo.mid. I can feel my ovaries swelling, so the Clo.mid must be doing something down there.

I have only had one crying spell so far. I totally broke down last night when I came home and the house smelled like cigarette smoke. (I know, I know) Poor Pace, I am sure he is thinking that when I do get pg this is what he is going to have to deal with and may be having second thoughts. :-)

He was good though, I had to leave the house for a while to try and compose myself which backfired because it just made me cry more and made me more tired. When I got back home Pace just held me and let me cry which is exactly what I needed.

I am also still fighting strep throat. I was feeling really good for a couple of days, but then yesterday my left tonsil blew up and hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks. I am so tired of having a sore throat! I have a few more days on my antibiotics and if something doesn't change quickly...I will be back at the dr. Which I am sure will result in a tonsilectomy. Grrrrr

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Dreamer4agift said...

Oh the lovely fatigue and crying of Clomid...gotta love it, err, or not.

Good for Pace holding you when that's what you needed.

When do you go in to the dr. to see how the clomid is doing?