Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After posting my "dove" story on Facebook and on my blog - SO many people have indicated that they feel it is a "sign" so I started to do some research.

The dove is known in the Christian faith to represent the Holy Spirit and peace.

Because of it's common association with many goddesses, it is considered the embodiment of maternal instinct. There are many legends surrounding the dove most of them centering on the traditional feminine and mother symbols.

The dove typically lays 2 eggs.

In one of the comments I received on Facebook yesterday, I was told that if a mother dove chooses something of yours to nest in (other than a tree in your yard) it brings good luck to any woman that is TTC.

In my research I also found that doves are ground eaters and that they mostly feed on seeds. They are said to do this to remain close to Mother Earth.

Now...I am not into all of the "signs" stuff - I think it is pretty cool, I will entertain that it could be a sign, but I am really going to try not to read too much into it. There are a million explanations as to why that bird chose to nest on MY truck.

However...here is what I will consider a sign...a 28 day cycle. That is right folks - it appears that my body has had a wake up call. I have now officially had my first every "natural" 28 day cycle. Good thing I stocked up on OPT's...here we go again!

**Note for those that pray: Please pray for my friend Jess's family. Her brother was in a head on collision yesterday. He was air lifted to the hospital and is still in ICU. He is stable, but not out of the woods. His fever spiked this morning and has multiple broken bones as well as a laceration on his liver**


Jenn said...

I've been praying for Jess since I heard! Also, celebrating with you for your natural cycle! :) YEA!!

Hillary said...

Yay for a 28 day cycle!


addingtothepack said...

YAY for a 28 day cycle!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Awesome news for you cycle that came on its on. I don't know that I believe in SIGN's for say but there's got to be a reason behind the Dove on your truck laying her eggs. :) I hope you have a WONDERFUL week.
praying for J. brother as well.

thegalwho said...

Hey take all the signs you can get honey!!

As for your post the other day that you thought you'd get blasted for (btw did you?) there was absolutely nothing wrong it, it came from your heart honey and no one can ever have a go at you for that!!

Sorry for not commenting recently, I'll get my act together one day!


p.s. prayers for Jess.