Friday, November 12, 2010

Delays and Dilly Dallies

Today is CD15 and no movement on the monitor as of yet. I am really hoping that this month isn't another annovulatory month. Those just SUCK.

If it is in fact an annovulatory month, I am not sure what we will do in Dec. In one sense I am sick of dumping $160 down the drain for fertility meds when I am not even ovulating, on the other hand, our other options are much more expensive.

I guess we will just wait and see what happens in the next week. A delayed "O" wouldn't be too bad as we are traveling to my FIL's for Thanksgiving and I REALLY don't want to have to test when we are there. So, I guess if my "O" is delayed a day or two (which it seems to be if it comes at all) it will actually be for the best.

I am not sure how much I will be blogging in the next couple of weeks. My niece (21 months old) is coming to stay with me and my sister (that lives a mile away) for at least a month while her older sister has her last month of very strong cancer treatment. The treatment is probably going to cause her to be very ill, and we have offered to take my younger niece, so that my sister can just concentrate on being there for Melia. My heart goes out to my sister - she is one of the strongest women, with the strongest faith I have ever met!

If any of you are the praying type - extra prayers for my niece and the entire family would be greatly appreciated.


Miss Ruby said...

I am not the praying kind BUT I'm happy to make an exception and hope for nothing but good news for you sister.

You're so wonderful to take your niece on to help your sister out.


Kakunaa said...

I'm sorry your body is not cooperating :( I am thinking positive thoughts for your family. HUGS.

DaisyGal said...

Oh sweetie, Oh sweet friend of mine...
I am sorry about all of this.

But you offering to take your niece just goes to show how BEAUTIFUL your heart amazing you are deep deep down in your beautiful self. Please know that I pray for you daily...for all and only good things.
<3 u!

Kara said...

Praying for your beautiful niece so she can come through the treatment well!! Prayers for your sister also, as she helps her baby get stronger. And prayers for you and your other sister to help you get through the month of keeping your niece with you- kudos to you guys for helping out in that way. You're amazing!!

Dana said...

Nichole you have been on my heart alot lately! I was reading some old posts of mine and read some of ur comments!! I feel very blessed to know you and share in your journey to motherhood! You will be a mother!!!! Don't give up! Keep on hoping, keep the hope alive!! Praying for you sweet girl and of course saying extra prayers for ur neecy poo and sis. Love u!!!