Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Change of Protocol

Well...got our BFN this morning. I am beyond disappointed. I am exhausted and pissed. But...onwards we go. I spoke to RE and he is going to take out the Foll.istim this cycle and replace it with Men.opur.

This will be my first cycle on Men.opur and we will be doing IUI again as well. I sure hope I respond better than I did to the Foll.istim. All the pill taking and shots hardly seem worth it when I end up with only 1 follicle and a BFN to boot.

Right now just waiting for AF so we can get started again.


"His Perfect Timing" said...

So sorry about the BFN. I hope that AF comes soon ... it seems like when you want her to, she never does.
Prayers for your next cycle and the new drug combo to work!

Jenn said...

damn, damn! Suckyness in every way.

stink-bomb said...

ahh buggar Nichole. I'm so sorry.

hoping the new combo works next cycle.


Missy said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. {Hugs}