Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I used to write poetry. I used to write A LOT of poetry. My deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings I have poured out onto paper so many times. However, for some reason, I have not been able to write a poem about my infertility. I attempted to write one poem (which is on this blog) but it was more about my best friend that I lost because of infertility rather than about infertility itself...So, when I met this online friend of mine I instantly felt a connection with her as she has true passion (and an amazing ability) to write poetry. She received some very bad news today. She found out that she will never be able to carry her husband's child, no amount of medical intervention will ever make that dream a reality for her.
My heart aches for her and I am just so sad for her. I wanted to share this poem that she wrote because it truly spells out the dark reality of infertility.

By Sarah A******
I'll never check the calendar smiling, thinking "hey I may be late".
I'll never suprise our parents with the news of their "grandparent" fate.
You've stolen all the joy that making a child is supposed to bring.
You've taken a beautiful moment and turned it into an ugly thing.
I'll never once experience the thrill of the three minute wait.
It's more like a tortured time, when one minute feels like eight.
I'll see there is no line and once again we'll have no child.
I'm bitter, angry and confused and that's to put it mild.
I had visions of telling my husband, a Dad you're soon to be.
To see the look upon his face, his hands on my belly.
We'll never argue over names or the colors for the room.
We'll never giggle over the little kicks that are coming from my womb.
You've taken from me a joy that I'll never get to know.
You've stolen what was rightfully mine, striking a sinking blow.
Why does this happen to me, to my love and to our life?
I didn't see this coming, "mother" belongs right after "wife".
Infertility is the thief that snuck into our lives.
Infertility steals the child from the husbands and the wives.
Infertilty should be a crime but the punishment is not it's own.
It belongs to the couples who suffer, whose child does not come home.


AwkwardMoments said...

WOW, what a GREAT poem. And awful news about your friend.

C said...

Wow, that's an awesome poem...yet sad. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, she will be in my prayers. I also write and ironically was thinking about writing something on infertility today...but I can't seem to get around to putting in down. Maybe one day soon.