Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Howl-a-ween time!

Pace and I put up our Halloween decorations this weekend and I was also approached by a friend at church to help out with the annual Hallopalooza for our church this year.

All of this got me thinking, and actually made me kind of sad. No doubt about it, Halloween is a holiday for kids, and this time of year starts a very active season of children and family related holidays.

I told Pace last night that since we don't have a little one to dress up for Halloween, I was going to dress up the dogs. He wasn't thrilled, but I am pretty sure he was amused.
Here are a few ideas:

This would be for my little sugar, she is a very hyper-active mut. Looks like she is mixed with a wiener dog and chihuahua.

This would be for my bigger dog, Lucky. He thinks he is the biggest, baddest guard dog on the planet. He is also a mut. Kind of looks like Rhodesian Ridgeback and sharpei (not sure if that is spelled right)
Here is a pic of my furbabies:

I love these guys. They are my savior some days. They truly show me the meaning of unconditional love.


Anna said...

Oh I dress my "babies" up every year! Maddie has been a witch and a pirate. This is Sadie's 1st Halloween so she and Maddie will be twin pumpkins! :)

The Unproductive One said...

Halloween isn't a real big deal over here, in fact it just slips by with no major attention.

I hear you on your pooches being your saviour though, mine are too!


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

AWH, If I were going to be here in Hawaii on Halloween I think we might of dressed our pups up. I miss Sugar and Lucky so much, they would be great dressed up and Pace will love it to. Lucky dose think that he is a big bad gaurd dog, but a stink cute one. Give them hugs from Unlce Jared and Aunttie Tiffany.

addingtothepack said...

Haha -- I love the costumes like the cheerleader one that makes the dog look like they are standing up. They just crack me up. Our dogs hate costumes, but we do make them pose with a little devil horns headband every year.

Misty said...

I'm all for costumes! We dress Buddy up every year and then we create real cute cards to send to everyone. (like Christmas cards)

Lauren said...

Those are so cute. Can't wait to see what they wear!