Monday, October 26, 2009

The Year...2010

So as you all know, we are currently on a break. I guess that's why I haven't blogged much. There really isn't anything going on in the TTC department. It has been total torture for me some days. It has been a blessing on others.

January 2010 we will be back in the game and as it gets closer, I feel the need to start preparing myself. I am not sure if we will go back to treatments or move forward with adoption, but either option we choose, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done. Here is a "short" list of my recent ponderings.

Start saving money
Start taking pre-natal vitamins again
Get serious about losing more weight
Start saving money
Get serious about my no/low carb/sugar diet
Find a new RE
Start saving money

Start saving money
Research adoption agencies/attorneys
Start finding pictures for profile
Start saving money
Make some decisions on what we are open to
Get documents together
Start saving money

Do you see a common denominator? I sure do. Money.

The problem (other than not having the money)...beginning to prepare means "no longer on break" do Pace. You see, he asked for us to take the rest of the year off. No research, no treatments, no research, no anything fertility or family building related. I agreed to take a break, but I have no idea how to get through the next couple of months of our "break" without starting to prepare.

There is a family building symposium coming up on November 7th that is put on by Res.olve. It is a full day of family building information. There will be information on adoption and information on treatment. There will be adoption and fertility specialists. There will be success stories, birth moms the whole nine yards. I am SO EXCITED for it! It is like the Bridal Fair of infertility!

However, I will be going alone. Pace doesn't mind me going, but he isn't prepared to dive into it again. Although I understand where he is coming from, it makes me sad that he doesn't see this as an opportunity the same way I do. This is an opportunity to get many of the "things to do before TTC in 2010" crossed off the list.

I feel like I am in a very tough situation. A battle of sorts. Trying to be supportive of our decision to take a break, but also taking advantage of these amazing opportunities as they come. I don't want to cross "the line" of TTC/Not TTC but it is a really fine line to walk.

So that is where we are, I just wanted to check in, update you and let you know that I am still reading all of your blogs even though I haven't been writing a whole lot lately.

Much love!


Kate said...

It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job distilling all of your and your husband's emotions and feelings. I love that you called the Re.solve day a Bridal Fair for Infertility. I'd like to go to one of those!

Bec said...

I want this 'bridal fair' of infertility in Australia! On a serious note though, I can definitely see why you want to go and I can also see why Pace doesn't.

Im glad you have a plan for next year - I know how important it is for me to have plans in place to stop me from going a little bit nuts. Thinking of you xxx

addingtothepack said...

I'm sorry that you and Pace are not on the same page about getting ready to think about your options in 2010. Do you think you can get him on board with saving money regardless? I mean it's never a bad building or not.

Your bridal fair comment cracked me up.

Jess said...

I'm so glad you are going to the meeting! Sounds great and I'm sure you will learn a lot! Get all the things you need and learn a lot, so when he is on board, you will have all the information ready.

Jill said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog today. You're the second IF blogger in AZ that found me this week! I didn't know about the symposium, I would totally like to go to that but I close on my new house that weekend and will be moving and painting like a mad woman. I hope you learn a lot! Do you have any recommendations about RE's in AZ? If you feel comfortable, you could email me at wouldmakethree at gmail dot com or just comment on my blog.