Thursday, January 13, 2011

CD10 update

Well...the HSG went great today. Everything is open and clear!

Follicles: My left ovary is the lame duck right now with 3-4 follies measuring about 6. My right ovary has 4-5 that are measuring 8-9 and 2 that are at a 12. I ovulate late, and take forever to stim, so the fact that I had 2 at 12 was reassuring. I am going to continue the follistim and then go back to the RE on Monday for another check up.

Overall I am feeling really good about this cycle. I am really hoping for good news on Monday!


Kir said...'re really in the middle of this sounds good. Hang in there and now I'm thinking of you....and love you much.

Cori said...

Yay!!!! I an hoping for great news for you too!!! I will be sending good vibes your way:)