Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Oh the irony...my ovaries only produced 12mm follicles this last cycle...but it has now produced a 17mm cyst. Just freaking great!

So...we are on at least a two week break with progest.erone to try and get the cyst to go away. I am so frustrated. I just feel like the deeper and deeper we get into TTC...the more crap we find out is wrong with my body. I go back to the RE on 2/8 to see if the cyst is still there. If not, we will cycle again with my next period...if it is there...more progest.erone and possibly birth cont.rol pills...OH the IRONY



Cori said...

So frustrating! I am so sorry! I too found out on Saturday I have 2 cysts (just after a round of birth control...?) So annoying. I hope yours goes away and you can start again soon.

Kakunaa said...

Oh, hon, I'm so sorry :( Boooooo. HUGS.

Miss Ruby said...

How so very very frustrating!! I'm sorry Nichole but will be keeping everything crossed that the cyst disappears!


Jeremy and Emily said...

So sorry Nichole! I know how frustrated you must be. I hope they go away and you can get back on track!

sonja said...

That is SO frustrating. =( I am sorry Nichole. I hope it goes away ASAP!