Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All Systems Go!

Well, I got the "ok" from my Dr. this morning to start the Femera. I had to go in and have an internal ultrasound done to make sure there were no cysts on my ovaries first.
Do you realize how mortifying it is to have an INTERNAL ultrasound on Day 3 of your period??? I am not sure who thought that up, but it seems pretty Icky to me!
At least it was a woman that did the ultrasound, so I felt a little better.

I cried when I left the Dr. appt. Oddly enough, this time they were tears of joy. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to give this IUI a shot. I really feel like the Lord is walking with Mr. Clinger and I right now. I am not saying that the Lord told me it was going to WORK...I just feel his presence with me. It is quite humbling and wonderfully relieving!

So...here we are at the beginning of an amazing journey within a horrifyingly difficult journey...thank each of you for walking it with me! I will update you on how the Femera works!


Jen- BabyChase said...

I know the feeling! I have cried after every appt and/or phone call/email, etc! It's such a relief to know that you have a plan and are making progress. I'm pulling for you guys and hoping to see a BFP very soon. No pressure. :)

mom said...

I am so proud of you and your courage to endure all the "process" for a "precious" little one. We are praying and cheering for you two and will walk with you through the process.
Everyday is the thought "what day is this. sure glad you have the blog." We love you in Kansas and our prayers and support are with you.
Love ya mom and dad