Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On my knees begging Aunt Flo to visit

OK...women all over the world literally hate Aunt Flo. They don't like any part of her visit (unless of course they are relying on her to tell them if they accidentally got pregnant or not) Women actually have changed birth control and take special pills to make their body only have periods 4 times a year.
And here I am in all my non-ovulating glory on my knees literally BEGGING Aunt Flo to visit me again.

That's right - I took a pregnancy test this morning...NEGATIVE. Of COURSE it was negative. After 2 years, why would I expect anything different? So on my way home tonight I get to pick up my prescription for Provera which I will take every day for 7 days along with my Prenatal vitamins and after the seven days...I will have dragged Aunt Flo's lazy ass, kicking and screaming to my doorstep.
Yep...most girls have to take pills to keep her away...I have to take pills just to get her ass to visit every once in a while!
Ahhhh, the irony!
Anywho...that is the update for now. Just waiting for Aunt Flo to show up, stack away as much money as possible and then get this show on the road.

Start praying for me if you haven't already, I think I am already on the verge of a nervous breakdown!


Melissa said...

I'm in a similar boat to you. Finally decided to go ahead with treatment (Clomid + IUI) and have been axiously awaiting my period since then. (Like you said, how many times in your life to really look forward to that???) Just started cramping early this morning (CD37) so I have a call into my dr's nurse to schedule my baseline sono. Hopefully your cycle comes soon!!!

Serenity said...