Friday, June 15, 2007

New Hairdos and Tattoos

I guess you could call this a "pre" mid-life crisis cause I know myself well enough to know that the "BIG" mid-life crisis is looming in the distance ready to pounce.

Last night I had my hair done. I went brown ladies and gentlemen. I am a blonde by nature, but you know what...I just needed a change. So I am now a brunette with thick blond highlights. (I will post a picture soon, but I have to download my camera first) I love my new hairstyle. I have only been a brunette once before and that was in high school. I got a lot of compliments on it in high school, in fact, I am not sure why I ever went back to blonde. All well.

The second part of my "pre" mid life crisis is that I am contemplating a tattoo. Honestly, I have never been real fond of tattoos. I like them on other people, just not me. Well...maybe it is the anger and bitterness from infertility, but I feel it is time to get some ink.

I would love to have your opinion and input on what kind of tatoo to get. I definately want it to be based around infertility. Here are some ideas I have

*Lotus flower
*Goddess (Demeter)
*Rabbit**I really like the rabbit idea because that is my nickname from Pace too (long before we found out I have very few similarities to the rabbit) so I thought it would be cute, but I haven't found very many good pics of rabbits that I would want permanatly attached to my body.

So...I was thinking this. picture it. Nichole's lower back. 2007. A lily pad floating in crystal blue water with a beautiful sensual pixie sitting on it with a lotus flower holding her luxurious locks of hair out of her face. She holds a tiny rabbit in her hand and a dragonfly buzzes closely by.

Just a thought.

My family (mothers side) is Cherokee Indian, so I thought I would use a Cherokee fertility symbol, but again, I just haven't found anything I want to permanately attach to my body.

Please give me any suggestions you can think of. Pics, websites, etc.

I won't be blogging this weekend as I will be on a retreat for the Women's center I am a volunteer counselor at. I will be holding myself up in a posh Scottsdale resort all weekend.
Woo Woo!


Kate said...

I like the Cherokee idea. It's something that's a part of your heritage.

C said...

Hey guess what? I just recently went brunette also:) I had a very traumatic incident happen and I needed a change. As my sister says, when something tragic or hard happens in a woman's life, she responds by getting her hair done:) I was a blonde as a kid in the summer, then I started highlighting all the time and haven't been my natural color in years. So, I went to the color of my roots...and I love it. I feel like me. Hope you enjoy your change. As far as the tat goes...I too am working on getting one. I say get something that has meaning. Don't jump to something with out considering the whole thing. It's a decision for a lifetime. I've got 2 for me right now: One is going to be for me and my sisters. We're going to do our initials and birth flowers. The second is a tribute to my bf that died many years ago. It's going to be a cross with a bird taking off of it (long story behind the bird). Good luck with whatever you pick.
P.S. Thank you for your comment. You write out of my head also. Best of luck with TTC. You're in my prayers and thoughts.

Melissa said...

I love new hairdo days! It feels good to do something for yourself like that! I don't have any suggestions for the tattoo, but I think it could be a really symbolic thing. Good luck finding the perfect image!

Cece said...

Hmmm.... no ideas on your tattoo - but wanted to tell you that I've been thinking of cutting all my hair off and getting a tattoo also! Maybe IF brings that out in us?

Rachel said...

I haven't ever been brave enough to go brunette, I've thought a lot about it though. Enjoy your new do!