Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally...the end of the week...

This has been a stressful week - ok it has been a stressful couple of weeks! I still am not sure if I ovulated or not. My test on Wednesday morning had two lines and the test line was almost as dark as the control, but not quite. All tests since then have been lighter and lighter.

So I think I may be 2DPO, but I am not really sure. This may be an anovulatory cycle.

I have no symptoms...none. Not even made up ones.

I don't have cramping, I don't have sore bb's, I am not tired, I have NO symptoms.

So, I am just waiting, I don't think I am even going to test this month. I think I am just going to wait until AF shows (since she has actually been showing up lately). I just don't have the energy to deal with another BFN. Not right now. And especially since my sister is pg now.


Hope2morrow said...

I understand. I've decided I will never use another home pregnancy test. Once I get pregnant I will ask the doctor for a copy of my blood test to put in a scrapbook or something, but I refuse to take another home pregnancy test.

CG said...

Hang in there girl. I totally agree that waiting till AF appears is much better than seeing a BFN show up. Wishing you luck for this cycle.