Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pressing In

I had an amazing weekend (I know I am kind of late to post about the weekend, but better late than never) Pace and I drove up North to Mayer, AZ. It is a tiny little town right off the highway, very quaint and peaceful.

We stayed in this little lodge with a King bed and a heart shaped jacuzzi tub in the living room right next to the fireplace. It had a screened in porch in the back that overlooked trees and a creek. It was so peaceful there and so romantic! We took the quads up there and rode out in the desert. It was beautiful. As soon as we got the quads unloaded, it started sprinkling and sprinkled for about an hour or two. It was amazing! It was so peaceful, the weather was beautiful and it was wonderful being there with my hubby.

This week has been so busy...Pace has been working 17 hour days (which means he is working at night) so it has been really hectic around my house. I hate being home alone especially at night. My dog is super protective of me when I am at the house alone, so every time a car drives by or he hears something he starts barking and freaks me out! I try to keep myself busy and stay awake as long as possible so that I can easily just fall asleep.

We are hosting an event at our house tomorrow evening. It is called "House of the Refining Fire." Pastor Irene from Uganda Africa is going to be in our house facilitating a praise and worship session and rockin the house! I am very excited.

The Christian people in Africa have a much stronger faith than the majority of Americans. They come to Pastor Irene BELIEVING that they are going to be healed, BELIEVING that they will encounter the Lord, BELIEVING that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. They sing out loud, they dance, they cry, they totally devote their entire minds and bodies to praising the Lord. They are not embarrassed, they are not ashamed, they are not concerned about what they look like when they are praising the Lord, their only concern is that they are pressing in, they are actively searching for the Lord and EXPECTING His presence.

American Christians (most of us anyway) are too prideful. We are too concerned that the person next to us will think we are "radical", "crazy", "possessed", or "brain washed". We are not afraid to scream and yell and be crazy at a sporting event, but when it comes to our Lord...we are suddenly shy. We have no problem proudly plastering our homes, cars, and offices with our favorite sports team, favorite player, favorite singer, favorite dancer...however we are hesitant to hang a cross, wear a cross, wear religious clothing or anything related to Him.

So I am so excited to be able to personally experience the "fire" of the African Christian culture and be able to witness the miracles that faith can bring.

As for the infertility front...I have no idea where I am in my cycle. IF I ovulated last week...then I am currently 8DPO. But again, I don't know if I actually ovulated or not, so I am just going to try and NOT test and just wait for AF to show. I have been having sore bb's and some cramping today so maybe "she" is on her way.


I Believe in Miracles said...

Hi Nicole -- it's great to meet another Christian blogger in the IF world. I think you are totally an ally. I'm going to try and catch up on your blog too, but I'm so excited to meet you!!

The dancing and signing sounds awesome!! Yeah!! I love rocking out praise and worship!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog...especially the part of being Christians in America. My uncle won't leave his monestery in Turkey because he says American Christians don't have much faith. :( I hung a cross in my classroom. It is small but not small enough not to be noticed. It is on my back wall next to my desk. I am not afraid to show my kids that I am a christian! :)

Love You!!!