Friday, July 11, 2008

Rockin and Rollin

I have had the most amazing week with my husband. Sometimes we just go through these spurts of not really enjoying each other's company. It's not that we don't love each other or anything, we just go through times where we don't really talk that much, and we don't spend a whole lot of time together. This week however, I feel so close to him.

Last night we sat outside on our porch watching the beautiful monsoon storms and talking and talking and talking. We were outside hanging out and visiting for three hours. We laughed, I cried, we laughed some more, it was awesome! Every night this week we have spent real quality time together. We swam together, went out for drinks...just really enjoyed each other.

I love him and have SO enjoyed spending this quality time with him. Tomorrow is our massage, dinner and a movie night. This is definately a great start to this cycle!

I started Clo.mid last night. 100mg. I have felt pretty good today, no side effects. So far...So good.

My weight has been bothering me again lately. I saw pictures my friend T took at my birthday party last weekend and also some other pics from a friend the other day and they just really bothered me. The last six months I have been really confident and felt really good about my weight loss. However, now I think I am over it. I need to lose more, I want to lose more. I just wish it was as easy to lose as it was to gain! Grrrrr


CG said...

Glad to know that your are free of any evil clomid side effects so far. Here's wishing you more of that. These days it is a blessing to be able to spend quality time with your husbands. Enjoy what you have with him.

Anonymous said...

Nichole- I so don't know you but ran across your blog. My heart bleeds for you as a woman concerned about infertility myself (runs in the family-- yet I have no hubby yet, so I don't know if I'll have the prob too or not). I will tell you I'm a christian and I'm truly praying for you! God knows the plans he has for you and your husband Pace... be patient with each other and remember to talk about the problems affecting (each of you separately) often in order to keep emotions/feelings in check. God bless... I'm praying!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I hear you on the weight. No matter what weight I'm at... I'm never happy. Grr. When will I ever be?? Heaven??