Monday, July 14, 2008

Impossible to Please

I decided this morning as I was getting ready for work that I am impossible to please. (and my husband would probably agree)

Last cycle, I had quite a few of the common symptoms with Clo.mid. Being extremely tired, had sore, swollen ovaries, headaches, sore bb's, EXTREME mood swings, etc. So of course I was totally dreading having to take it again this month especially since I was doubling the dose.

I prayed about it and prayed and prayed. He answered. I have had almost zero symptoms. I am a little edgy and I was really tired on Friday and Saturday, however other than that...I have had no symptoms. Seriously...none. (I am sure I am jinxing myself right now, but I just had to share)

So now, I am questioning if the Clo.mid is working since I don't have any symptoms. I chose to not do u/s monitoring with Clo.mid for multiple reasons 1) cost 2) emotional stress 3) cost etc. So I was unhappy when I had symptoms because it made me feel like a zombie monster and now I am disappointed that I don't have symptoms cause it makes me feel like it isn't working. (You know, it is like the shampoo test...if it doesn't have lots of suds, then it isn't working).

I had a very relaxing weekend. I started a new book that my friend J bought me for my birthday. It is written by Stephenie Meyer and is titled "Twilight." It was an awesome book! It is like a 500 page book and I read it all between Saturday and Sunday. I highly recommend it, it is a fun, easy read that is so hard to put down!

I had a very nice anonymous comment from someone on my last post. To you, the anonymous blogger...I send my deepest thanks. It was very heartfelt and genuine and I really want to send you my thanks. I hope that you never have to go through what I and so many others are going through. Thank you for your kind words and support!

I have had a couple of people ask me what some of the terms I use in my blog mean, so I am going to list a few of them here:

DH - Dear Husband
BFP - Big Fat Positive! (haven't used this one yet...but hopefully soon!)
BFN - Big Fat Negative - used this way too often
IUI - Intra-uterine Insemination
IVF - In Vitro Fertilization
CD - Cycle Day (Day 1 is the first day of your period)
DPO - Days past ovulation (start counting the day after you get a + OPT
AF - Aunt Flow (period)
BB's - Breasts
IF - Infertility
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
OPT - Ovulation Prediction Test
OPK - Ovulation Prediction Kit
PG - pregnant or pregnancy

I can't think of any others...but if there is anything I write that you don't know or understand...don't hesitate to ask. I guess after 3 and a half years, I just rattle these things off and forget that not everyone speaks IF language. Sorry!


CG said...

Yay for no side effects. When you say no monitoring are you not even getting one ultrasound at day 11 after you've stopped the clomid to see what's happening. I totally understand both the cost and stress factor but wont it be nice to see atleast once whats happening and then be at peace for the rest of the cycle. This is just my opinion but Ill be hoping that you will definetely have a gr8follicle and gr8 ovulation this time.

Nichole said...

CG - nope, I am not having any ultrasounds. Pace and I agreed that these couple of clomid cycles we were going to do with no monitoring. It was so stressful for me to have to go in every other day for u/s when we were doing our IUI's and we decided we just weren't ready to go there again. I became a nervous wreck and bawled everytime I left and was told that we had no follicles. I am in a much different place right now, I am on Met.formin which has made a huge difference, my thyroid is leveling out, I am 35 pounds lighter, I am having periods on my own and ovulating, so we are just going to let this cycle and the next ride. If nothing happens then maybe we will go back to the RE and do all of the monitoring and stuff. It is just personal preference I guess.