Monday, December 15, 2008


I met with Dr. P today. Meeting with him was nice, but once again, the office staff was less than desirable. I had to wait an hour and fifteen minutes to be seen...HELLO???? Did I NOT make an appointment?

Anywho...he agrees that my symptoms are basically screaming endo. So, he has agreed to do the laparoscopy as well as a hysteroscopy. He wants to make sure I don't also have scarring inside the uterus etc, so that is the reason for both procedures. I am scared and excited. Honestly, I just don't want to be in pain anymore.

I did my Christmas baking yesterday and then went over to my sisters (the only one that isn't pregnant) to put up their Christmas tree and we also decorated the outside. They are so busy and they have been riddled with illnesses, injuries and car accidents over the last 2 weeks, so they haven't had the chance to decorate. We thought it would be a nice gesture and also fun to help them do that...and it was!

The weather looks a little hairy for driving to KS this weekend. Three different storm systems are coming through bringing lots of rain here and snow North of us along our path to KS. Hopefully the precipitation will either be minimal or will melt by the time we hit the road Saturday morning. My sister was talking about possibly not being able to make it home for Christmas and that made me sad. I know that being home with my two VERY pregnant sisters is going to be so hard, and I know that there will be plenty of tears shed, but the thought of going any longer without seeing my family made me very sad. So, now I am looking forward to it, I am going into it knowing that there will be challenges, and there will be some awkward moments, but I will get through them and I will have a good time in spite of myself!

I am stilling waiting to "O" doesn't look like it is going to happen this month. All well...maybe that is better, at least I don't have to worry about my Christmas being ruined by another BFN. This Christmas I won't have to worry about it - I can just relax and wait for AF. (if she comes).


babydust81 said...

Hi there,

Well, I guess it is the same everywhere. Meeting a doctor = WAIT. Doesnt matter if you appointment is at 10am, you could be meeting them an hour or two later. But in my case so far, the appointment time has been pretty close.

Anyway, I have just had a laparoscopy done recently. My problem has been screaming endo too... I have 3 infact. You can take a look at my op pics at my site.

By the way, I promise you it is not so painful...I am scared of needles and pain... This op has been rather a breeze. Hope yours will be too.

Take care and have a good holidays.

Nikki said...

Have a safe trip to KS - drive carefully. The weather is crazy everywhere - stay safe.

When are you scheduling your surgery? I hope all goes well!

Jessica said...

I love you! I am so glad your doctor is going to take care of you, so you are not in pain anymore! You are going to get healthy so you can be healthy for yourself, Pace and your future baby Clinger! You are too precious to be in pain and too precious not to be a mom someday. We will find a way for both of us!

As for Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time! I know there will be tough times, but you are strong and you will get through them! And when you get home, like you said, we will get through them together. Remember you are not alone and if you are having a meltdown in cold ass Kansas no matter what time it is, call me! I am a little jealous of you (not driving through the blizzard) but being able to see snow on Christmas! I am trying to see if Greg will drive up North with me for a day!

Anyways, I love you!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

you must feel so relieved having met with that doctor!! when are you doing the surgery?

Dreamer4agift said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that there's a plan with the Dr. I, too, had an HSG done at the same time of my lap...which i was actually happy about so that I didn't have to be awake for either one. How soon will they be doing it?

Be careful in the weather. The roads here are pretty hazardous (per ppl that have been out in it--me? happy stayin' at home til I have to go back to work).

And can I just say that I am so proud of you for being strong for c-mas. Whether you feel strong or not, your determination will def. help you get through it. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.