Sunday, May 31, 2009

If it's not one's another

Apparently tender ovaries aren't always a good thing. Every time I felt my ovaries getting tender during a Clo.mid cycle, it was always reassuring to me. It meant that they were doing something.

Well...that isn't always the case.

I went to the Dr. on Friday for my Day21 check. The ultrasound showed a der.moid cyst on my left ovary. This isn't the type of cyst that goes away on its own. The kind that requires us to take a month off of fertility treatments...nope. This cyst requires surgery. (Just a warning...don't Der.moid cyst - the pictures are disgusting) I keep referring to it as my alien.

I am disappointed beyond belief, however we are getting a second opinion. We have decided to fork out the money to our previous RE and have him do an ultrasound. For one, I think my GYN is a crackpot. Note to self: find a new one. Second of all, I trust my RE and I would like to have an ultrasound done where I can ask questions during the u/s and get some answers! So my RE is supposed to call on Monday to set up an appt.

Also, my GYN said that they did not see any follicles on my u/s. First of all, the u/s tech did an external u/s to begin with. I am not a Dr. but I am pretty sure you have to have an internal u/s to look for follicles don't you? She ended up doing an internal u/s as well because she could not find my left ovary. It was at this time I started to get really excited because I saw on the screen 3 or 4 big black holes on each ovary. However, she didn't measure them. When we were doing artificial insemination and I had follicle checks, that is exactly what they looked like. Big black holes. So here I am thinking that we have a good chance this month. When I saw the NP - she said they really didn't see any follicles. WHAT? How can that be? Again, I am not a Dr., but I am PRETTY sure I know what I saw. So...a second opinion it is. I am not going to sign a consent for another surgery until I have someone who knows what the heck they are doing give me their opinion.

So I am feeling a little defeated, but we are going to continue doing OPK's (haven't ovulated yet) and see what this month will bring. So far 2009 is not turning out much better than 2008.

I was so hopeful


Amanda said...

That u/s experience does sound odd. External u/s??? Weird.

I agree about the big black holes description of follicles, however, you do have to be careful cause she could have had some super zoom on and a very small follicle could have looked huge.

I hope it isn't a cyst and I think it's great that you are getting a second opinion. Maybe you can get off lucky and they will actually code it as a medically necessary u/s and not charge you? That would be nice.

Fingers crossed for you that your cyst is the kind that can resolve itself.

Hillary said...

I hope your 2nd opinion is helpful and encouraging! Sorry for the new issue. :(

Angelwingsbaby said...

Oh hun sorry for the set back.I am still hopful for you and would love to see you get some good news and the baby you want so badly.Remember I am here for you.((hugs)) Did I ever give you my number?

babydust81 said...

Hi Nichole,

I am so sorry to hear about the cyst. BUt do get that second opinion especially if they want to get u cut open.

Pls take care dear. I know it is very tough but pls continue to keep ur thoughts positive. ((Hugs))

Amber said...

so sorry to hear about your experience but glad you are seeking a 2nd opinion as well.

the misfit said...

I've recently been told I *might* have a dermoid cyst too (didn't have one before), but they're not necessarily planning to operate on that (I mean, eventually it has to come out, but if it doesn't grow, it can wait for a good time). Maybe yours is particularly large? I didn't think they were that big a deal, since they're not cancerous.