Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ok...can I catch a break?

I still haven't gotten a positive ovulation test. In they are all one line only. So I am thinking that either I didn't ovulate...or I missed the ovulation. Either way...this cycle sucks.

I started taking Prom.etrium last night just in case and will test in a week to see what we have...although I am pretty sure I already know.

After this cycle we are going to do at least two cycles without Clo.mid. I will still take OPK's and try to do this the old fashioned way. I am not very optimistic, but my body (and my mind) just need a break. Especially with the holidays coming up. Me+Holidays+Clo.mid= Blood Bath.

So we will take at least Nov. and Dec. off and then will probably go see a new RE at the beginning of the year. Hopefully we can find one that is a little closer to home (and cheaper) than the RE we used to see.

It's nice having a plan and I am really looking forward to the break. This last cycle of Clo.mid really freaked me out! LOL

My sister's birthday was yesterday, so I called to wish her a Happy Birthday and in that conversation she told me about the sonogram she had yesterday. She is 18 weeks along and is having another baby girl. She had 2 girls now one that is 4 and the other 2. Her 2 year old has down syndrome so they are monitoring the new baby very closely. The first symptom of the 2 year old having DS was that her kidneys were dilated in-utero. My sister found out that the new baby's kidneys are dilated as well. This does not mean she has DS, but it is a little concerning for my sister. She and her husband have chosen not to have an amnio or any further testing done (other than the norm). So, please pray for them. Either way they are going to love this little girl, I just ask that you pray for peace and patience as this is a very nerve wracking time for her right now.

My other sister is 22 weeks along and they have chosen not to find out what they are having.

Man Christmas is going to be awesome (insert sarcasm here)


Hope2morrow said...

When I look forward to a break, that's when I know I need one the most. I hope this is the month for you, but if not, at least you'll get to refresh your mind and soul on a break.

Hang in there with your sisters.

Darya said...

"Me+Holidays+Clomid= Blood Bath"


Good luck over the holidays. I can't imagine how hard it is to have both of your sisters pregnant. I hope you join them very soon...hopefully by the holidays.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm hoping you'll get to join your sisters being pregnant soon.

Jocelyn said...

New to your blog...found it thru Bring the Rain, I think. I suffered with infertility for 5 years before doing in-vitro. I was 27 and conceived the first time.

Have since done another round of in-vitro to try for our 2nd with frozen embryos and got pregnant, but miscarried at around 7 weeks.

Would love to chat sometime.