Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painted Fingernails

The famous saying goes "it's the little things in life that count". Nothing could be more true for me right now. I went shopping last night and decided I needed to get some new fingernail polish. I didn't want to go with the traditional red or pink, however I couldn't go all the way to the black, green or midnight blue, so I settled with purple. A nice hue of lavender.

Let me recap. My mom's fingernails are like concrete blocks. They are almost in destructive. They grow beautifully, stay strong and require very little maintenance. My nails on the other hand are weak, brittle, flaky and a total mess most of the time. Even prenatal vitamins don't help. For me there is nothing that makes me feel more feminine (other than a new haircut) than nice, long, painted nails. I wore fake ones for a long time, but they just destroyed my real nails and end up looking like crap eventually anyway. So I have been sporting my short, stubby naked nails for the last couple of months.

Every time I looked down at my naked nails, I thought my hands looked fat and stubby, they didn't look feminine at all to me. I eventually just tried to stop looking at my nails because it made me feel frumpy, dumpy and bloated.

So last night I make it home with my new purple fingernail polish and decide to put in on. I started with one hand only so I could confirm that I liked the color and then a few minutes before I went to bed, I painted the other hand and did a second coat.

Then...I woke up this morning. As I was doing my hair and my make-up I caught the shiny purple color reflecting back in the mirror at me and I smiled. I looked down at my hands and my fingers looked longer and skinnier somehow, they looked feminine and I smiled. The purple hue made the diamonds in my wedding ring glisten as if it were brand new and I smiled.

I left for work this morning with a peace that the day was going to be ok, I was going to be ok and that this may actually be a good day. All because of my painted fingernails.

Sometimes, It really is the small things in life that count.


Amanda said...

I had bad fingernails until I started taking a biotin supplement. The difference was huge. But I don't think all supplements are created equal... I was getting a certain dose of the cheapo walmart (spring valley I think) biotin and doing great and they were out one day and I had to by another kind that was a higher dosage (can't remember the brand), but I thought since it was even more than I normally take it wouldn't matter. But the end of the 100 pill bottle, my nails were turning back to crap. I found my old ones again and after a month or so things started looking good again. I've quit the extra supplement since becoming pregnant (I doubt it would harm anything, but just didn't seem worth it, and my new prenatal has a good amount in it anyhow). I'd recommend taking a couple months worth and seeing if it helps. My brand only cost a couple bucks for 100 pills, so no real loss if it doesn't work.

Have fun with your purple nails! What ever makes you happy!

The Unproductive One said...

Hon you're completely right it is the small things....I'm realising that more and more lately...

Much love my friend


Jeremy and Emily said...

I totally get this! There is nothing I love more than painting my toenails! And I feel so much more like a GIRL when I look down and see nice looking toes. Sounds silly, but PCOS has a way of making you feel like you're turning into a MAN and it steals your femininity. I have so many colors, it's actually rediculous! I have actually started doing pedicures for friends and family for a small fee now! (Come anytime! FREE!) I'm excited to see you and Tori on Monday! You guys let me know when and where, ok?

The Unproductive One said...

Hey hon, I nominated you for an award on my blog, please stop by and check it out!


Jess said...

Hey love, you got an award from me on my blog!!

I just painted my fingernails...I love when my toes are cute and when my nails are beautiful! As for the weak nails, I use Sally Hansen brand that is called diamond. They have nail polish as well as clear and let me tell you, my nails are strong and tough...something I never had before using this nail polish!