Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ahhh...Provera, we meet again.

My parnter in crime...Provera. Together we shall conquer that stubborn Aunt Flo and drag her to my doorstep kicking and screaming.
I started taking the Provera yesterday and it is already getting to my head. The crabiness and the painful bloating has set in. I am officially in my biggest clothes ever. Between the infertility drugs and the quitting smoking, I am quite a mess. Mr. Clinger and I started bike riding together at night. Right now the weather is perfect for that, but within a couple of months it will still be 100 degrees at 9:00 at night, so I don't think we will be doing a lot of bike riding after that.
My spirits are ok I guess. Mr. Clinger and I are going to get connected with a couple in our church that has gone through infertility. It will be nice to have a person face to face ( I have many infertile friends online) that is going through or has gone through what I am going through. Especially since my entire family and all of my friends happen to be the most fertile people EVER! Seriously, their husbands/significant others look at them in a loving manner and 6 months later I am getting a baby shower invitation! maybe I am still a little bitter. Not bitter towards the fertiles in my life...but bitter towards my situation in particular. I am very happy for those in my life who have been blessed with children and would never wish infertility on ANY of them. (I wouldn't even wish this on my enemies!) It is a very jagged pill to swallow. So, we are trucking along. Hoping for insemination the first couple of weeks in April, but I am not going to get my hopes up this time. I will try my hardest to take it one pill, one injection, one ultrasound, one insemination at a time.

Thanks for all of your love and support - Especially you Melissa! I really enjoy reading your blog, and am thankful that I can share some of the same emotions and feelings with someone else! Good luck testing in the next couple of days!


Melissa said...

Oh, Nichole - I'm so touched to get my first blog shout out! :) You are welcome and all though it totally sucks big ones that we're going through this, thank God we have people to go through it with us. Continued prayers for success (and for strength as you deal with the devilish Provera!)

Anonymous said...

Provera is EVIL. I have never been such a crazed bitch in my life as when taking that med! Hang in there, girl!