Friday, March 23, 2007

Hurry up and relax already!

Today is Friday. 5 days since my last pill and nothing. I had a little bit of cramps yesterday, but that is it. No spotting, no nothing. So today...I pulled out all the stops. I wore my favorite undies (with no pad) and very light cream pants. I figure if it is one thing that will bring on AF, it is fav undies and white pants! So...we will see.

I tried the relaxation technique Pastor Joe from our church taught me. Apparently in our last counseling session he decided I needed to relax more. Hmmmm...ya think? The relaxation technique went ok, I was very impatient though. **Yeah...I get the irony...I am even impatient when trying to relax.** "hurry up, why don't I feel relaxed yet? It isn't working, I don't feel anything." Grrrr. I wish I would just shut up already!

Eventually I think I just gave up and fell asleep. I slept well though and woke up feeling rested.

Mr. Clinger and I are supposed to go camping this weekend with a friend of ours, but it rained all day yesterday, is supposed to rain all day today, through the night and tomorrow morning. And we live in Arizona - the soil doesn't soak up the rain as well as it did in KS. Instead we get flash floods and mudslides up in the mountains. So I don't know if camping is such a great idea this weekend. It is just as well I guess, but it would have been nice to get out of the city for a weekend before we start this next cycle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comments.

I'll be thinking of you through this next cycle and praying that it will be your last dealing with infertility.

LJ said...

I love it, I totally love the idea of tempting fate by wearing nice undies. What a tremendous sacrifice.

Melissa said...

Cute picture! How'd your weekend go? We got a little rain but not much. Overall it was really relaxing and I'm feeling much more pulled together than last week - thank God!