Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feeling Human

I am doing a little better today. The migraine has subsided some. It is still there, but at least I don't feel like lodging a sharp object into my brain for some relief. I am back at work today and feeling a little more human.
Of course, I get to do another Follistim shot tonight, so we will see how that effects the headache dept. I may have to do this shot on my own though because Mr. Clinger has to work late. I would much rather him do it, but ya got to do what you have got to do!

My mom and dad did the sweetest thing for Mr. Clinger and I - I was talking to her on the phone yesterday and she said that she asked the priest in her church to say a mass for us on Friday morning. I was deeply touched! We need all the prayers we can get!

Mr. Clinger and I are finally going to make time to celebrate out anniversary (a month late) this weekend. We have dinner reservations and may hit a movie or something - not completely sure yet. I am so excited - we have not been out on a date for quite a while and since the last couple of months have been so rough, it will be wonderful just to have some alone time with the love of my life!

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scottclinger said...

We hope and pray you prayers will be answered soon. love Thea and Scott
Sounds like a party for two HAVE FUN. DO not forget beath from the center, relax, and sharp thing are not very friendly. Safty first. I love you Nichole and thanks for being who you are and thanks for being kind and loving to my son Pace. Scott