Friday, May 11, 2007

Frustrated with a capital "F"

This roller coatster ride is getting to be a little too much. I have multiple follicles, but they are all still small. The largest ones I have is a 12 on one ovary and a 14 on the other. So, tired or not, I get to continue my shots and it is very likely I will have to buy more follistim next week. I can't even really be upset because of my appointment for a couple of reasons:

1. I have lots of follicles this time. Like 6 or 7 on the Right and 4 or 5 on the Left. That is awesome for me especially since I only had 1 last cycle.

2. The nurse did not charge me for this appointment. A savings of a whopping $250.00. The Lord is definitely answering my prayers!!! I couldn't believe it, when we were walking out of the exam room (ironically I was in room 5 this time instead of 4) she grabbed my arm and said "Let me see if I can get them to comp this appointment for you since you have had to incur so many costs this cycle and your insurance isn't covering any of it." I smiled and quietly took my seat, not expecting them to actually do it, but it was a very nice thought. The accounts payable lady (whom I know all too well) called my name and said "Hi there, you are free to go, we are going to cover this one for you." That is when the tears came. I couldn't believe it! I gave her a hug and gave the nurse a hug and cried all the way out to my car.
I was completely and totally humbled once again by the kindness of others. It kind of eased the sting of having to continue my shots for at least another three days (probably more).

Pace and I are throwing the idea around of just skipping the whole insemination process. After all, he has GREAT sperm count, so why shouldn't we be able to get pg on our own if we can get an egg to grow and ovulate using the drugs? It would definitely save us some money (and would be much more fun) :-) *blush* I am just trying to face the facts that if we have to purchase more meds and continue getting more and more ultrasounds, we won't be able to afford the insemination, so if this is a step we could do without...we will do so. Of course we will talk to the Dr. first before making our decision, but it is just something we are contemplating.

Something else crossed my mind as I was driving away from my Dr. appointment today. I wonder if my egg quality is going to be poor because of how long it has taken to "grow" I have friends on my chat board who are ovulating on CD7 through 11. Here I am at CD 16 and I am not even close to ovulating yet. If any of my fellow infertiles out there has any information on this, I would really appreciate your input. Maybe I should call my RE and ask? Or call on my trusty friend Dr. Google. I just don't want to waste anymore time or money.

So the saga continues. I feel like my ovaries are getting more and more stubborn with each cycle. They give a little, but then take a little back. Just so darn Frustrating!!!

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