Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been tagged...

First of all, I want to sincerely thank Melissa @ The Opposite of Knocked Up for tagging me. For giving me something to get all my mind off of this infertility crap!!! You, my dear are wonderful!

1.) I, like my friend Melissa, also have an anxiety disorder. If I try to call Mr. Clinger and he doesn't answer, I always think the worst. He was in a car accident, he got hurt at work, he is leaving me for someone name goes through my head. I do this constantly, multiple times a day. Last weekend I couldn't get a hold of my mom (she lives in Kansas) and I automatically thought that a tornado had gone through my family farm and destroyed my childhood home along with my parents, then I had to keep telling myself that if that was the case, I would already know about it. Someone would have called me. *Pretty sick huh?* I am finding that as I get older, this is actually getting worse. I freak out in large crowds (like baseball games, shopping malls) My heart starts racing, palms begin to sweat and my breathing becomes very rapid. It is ridiculous!
I absolutely HATE checking the mail! It seems every time I check the mail, it is just bad news. I actually have a tiny little panic attack each time I check the mail.
Same things goes for people knocking at my door (unless I am expecting someone) When my doorbell rings I panic. I even go as far as putting *no soliciting* signs on my door in an attempt to keep solicitors from ringing my doorbell sending me into a frenzy...they still ring the doorbell...assholes.

2.) When I am alone at home, I turn on music and sing and dance around like I am a famous artist at a concert. This started when I was in Junior High and I still enjoy it to this day. My common music choices are Britney Spears, Allison Krause, Alanis Morrisette, Jodi Masina and Jessica Simpson *I know...pathetic) (Although I don't do it very often since we have a roommate and she is always at our house)

3.) I still sleep with a stuffed teddy bear. I know, it is a little pathetic, but please revert back to number one and my anxiety disorder. I got this bear from my parents when I was very sick in the hospital. It is my security bear and for some odd reason snuggling up to my bear always makes me feel better.

4.) I am the youngest of six, my mom is the youngest of six and my father is the youngest of six. (Yeah, I am an infertile living in the land of the fertile) I always thought it was kind of cool that we were all the youngest of six.

5.) I love doing crafty things. I love to paint, scrapbook, sew, take pictures, build things you name it, I love crafts!!! In our previous house Mr. Clinger built me a special crafting bench and I had my very own craft room. I kick myself for not using it as much as I could have. Now that I don't have it, I miss it terribly! (Again this is something I don't do very often)

6.) I love changing my "image" I like to change the way I dress, my hair style (or color) the way I wear my makeup, the shoes I wear, you name it. I like to change things up.

7.) I am terrified of the water. I have never had a near drowning experience or anything, I just don't like the water. When I was younger, my family used to go canoeing down the Illinois river every Labor Day weekend. On one of these trips, the canoe I was in scraped on the rocks at the bottom of the river and I completely freaked out. I started screaming to my dad (who was in a different canoe across the river) "Save me daddy, save me!" To this day my family teases me about this. I haven't been in a canoe since. I also didn't learn how to swim under water until about 6 years ago when my niece and nephew (6 and 7 at the time) taught me how. (Very humbling experience) I live near Phoenix AZ and in the summer time everyone goes floating down the Salt River. I have never done this. I will never do this. No matter how much my husband or friends beg me to do this...I never will. You couldn't get me drunk enough to float down the river (where people drown every year) in a flimsy black rubber tube ! :-)

8.) I have this desire and passion to help women in need. Right now, as I struggle with infertility, I am a counselor for women who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Most of them are unmarried teenagers. (my youngest right now is 15) It tears me apart, sometimes leaves me emotionless and cold for days, but I just can't stop. I love being able to use my past and my experience to help other women even though sometimes it absolutely destroys me.

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