Thursday, April 26, 2007

Goodbye Sorrow...

Hello Aunt Flo!

Yep...that's right. After over 2 years of NOT showing up on her own...Aunt Flo made her appearance on her own...right on time this morning. I am still in shock a little. My first "normal" cycle in over 2 years! Praise God!

Ok...I am still a little miffed about the whole BFN (Big Fat Negative) thing, but...AF's arrival definately put a positive spin on things.

Pace and I talked last night and we have decided to go ahead with one more cycle before June. We are going to take a break in June cause we will be going on vacation and I do not want to worry about our cycle when I am on vacation. The only thing that is hanging us up right now is finances. Because I stimmed so S.L.O.W.L.Y. last cycle, I had to pay for many more ultrasounds and much more Foll.istim (can anyone tell me why they put periods in the middle of words like that? Is it a rule?) than we had originally budgeted for. So I am putting a shout out to all of my fellow infertiles that: I AM BEGGING! Will work for Foll.istim!

Please, if anyone has any left over that they don't need - would you be willing to donate it to me? I absolutely HATE asking people for anything, but I am desperate!

I have absolutely ZERO infertility coverage, so Pace and I are paying for everthing out of pocket. Although I realize IUI's are much more inexpensive than IVF, they definately aren't cheap! So if you are willing to help or can help please email me at Thank you in advance!

(Slowly getting off of knees and brushing sand off of my face from groveling) On a lighter note, I am feeling much better today. AF's arrival definately helped, but yesterday I was able to come to a peace about the whole cycle. I decided to "cowgirl up" and just deal with it and move on.

I am tired of crying, I am tired of being sad, I am tired of being upset, I am tired of just being. we are jumping into another cycle. I have my first dr. appt. on Saturday to check for any cysts and then away we go. This time, we are only telling close family and those of you out here in Blogger World with me. I am not telling anyone at work or any friends. It is just too hard to tell them that it didn't work.

Thank you all for your wonderfully supportive comments yesterday! You guys make getting over the BFN so much EASIER!!!



Trish said...

Ahh.. the cycle of infertility. Such a roller coaster.
I'm glad you're not giving up hope.

I wish I had some follistim to offer you. I'm blessed to live in a mandatory coverage state, so I have insurance coverage. If I could help you out, I so would..

LJ said...

Since I don't ovulate regularly on my own, I understand the excitement over getting AF, even if she sucks compared to what we want.

I'm always so impressed with all of the women who get a BFN, dust themselves off, clean the wounds, and get back on it. You're an inspiration.