Monday, April 27, 2009

One down ... One to go

I had my appt. with my hormone dr. today.

Here is the report:
Estrogen: 36
FSH: 6.6
Testosterone: 143
TSH (thyroid): 1.10

So this means that my estrogen totally SUCKS ASS and my testosterone is way too high.

He couldn't really give me an explanation for my missing menses, but he was very kind, compassionate and understanding. I really LOVE this doctor. He was of the opinion that Clo.mid was the best bet for us as a "next step" and also said that I need to make sure the Gyn was monitoring my Progesterone very closely so I don't miscarry again. He said that if my Gyn didn't want to monitor my progesterone, he would do it for me. LOVE HIM!

Next up ... GYN tomorrow. Yeah!


Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier said...

Way To GO!!! Sounds like your Week is starting off on the right foot and not the left like mine. lol.
love ya darlin

Jennifer said...

Popping in from another blog. Could it be PCOS? High testoterone and low estrogen could be a sign of PCOS. Just a thought.

babydust81 said...

Hey dear..

Sorry about the not so good hormones results. Since my op, I am not sure whethere there is any change in my hormones level.

I like your Dr. Has initiative. Willing to do things that is probably supposed to be done by someone else.

Keep us updated with your appointment with your GYN okay. Till then take care.