Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A plan...of sorts

The appointment went as I imagined.

We will call my Gyn...Dr. Monotone, because he has absolutely no bedside manner and well...speaks in monotone. Thankfully I was not forced to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of pregnant women (the last time Dr. Monotone made me sit out there for an hour and a half - TORTURE!) Oh...and the nurses there - I like to call them Ms. Illiterate because apparently they can't read medical charts OR body language. Not just one or two of them...I have not found ONE nurse there I like!

So Ms. illiterate calls me back, does the normal blood pressure stuff (which by the way was 118/80) :-) and then started asking me a series of questions...but not really questions. She didn't ask me "When was the first day of your last period?" She would say "So the first day of your last period was...*akward silence*" I finally realized she was waiting for me to fill in the blanks. I don't like to play fill in the blanks, if you want to know something I want you to ask me. Ask me correctly.

So I grit my teeth, fill in the blanks for her and then she tells me that Dr. Monotone will be in shortly. 35 minutes later (thank goodness I stopped and bought a trashy celebrity magazine on my way so I didn't have to read one of their pg magazines) Dr. Monotone came in. He reviewed my fill in the blank answers and then asked a few of his own. Then he asked me what I wanted to do from here...and I told him.

"I want a prescription for Pro.vera so that I can bring on AF, I want a prescription for 100mg of Clo.mid. I want to come in on/around Day 21 of my cycle so you can check my Progest.erone. If you can confirm that I ovulated and my progest.erone is low like I suspect it will be given recent history, I want to be put on progest.erone supplements. As soon as I get a positive HPT I want to come in the same day for a progest.erone check and a Quantitative BETA. I want to adjust my progest.erone if needed and do a repeat BETA 48 hours later. - repeat as necessary"

"Well," he says, "sounds like you know where you want to go from here."

"Yep." I replied.

I went further and showed him my lab results from my appointment with Dr. Hormone yesterday. and he actually seemed a little peeved (why is it that Dr.'s think that patients should only be seeing one Dr. not multiple? Are they afraid that the other Dr. won't agree with their diagnosis or treatment? Well, that is one of the reasons I work with two Dr.'s. I always have a second opinion at my fingertips)

He asked me "So are you going through these steps with Dr. Hormone or did you want us to monitor you."

I reply. "I wold love to have Dr. Hormone monitor my cycles, however insurance doesn't cover him and their office is far away, so I would like to have you monitor them."

He seemed semi-content with that so he ordered up a pg test (I think that was his way of getting me back for two-timing him with Dr. Hormone.) of course it was negative and Ms. Illiterate made sure to tell me that...quite frankly - apparently that is one thing she can read...pee sticks.

I got my prescriptions and marched out the door feeling proud of myself, I got to my truck, called Pace...and then fell apart. We are right back where we were a year ago. A freaking year ago! I am so damn scared of getting pregnant and miscarrying again - I know that will be my final straw.

So there ya have it - Take 4. Pro.vera, Clo.mid, Progest.erone blah, blah, blah


Amanda said...

Maybe Dr. Hormone and Dr. Monotone were friends back in med school and Dr. Monotone performed a pap on Dr. Hormone's crush and severed their friendship forever. Or maybe Dr. Monotone was one of Dr. Hormone's interns and Dr. Hormone treated him the way Perry treats JD on scrubs. Ok, I'm being a bit ridiculous, but I'm having fun imagine some really funny back stories there.

I wish you all the best of luck with your clomid. Hopefully it works and you won't have to go through the same pain you did last year. All we can do is try to move forward and hope.

Ape said...

hi nichole.... im APE from Tiffany's blog (thepiferfamily.blogspot.com). I am Tiffany's best friend as well she is my daughter's Godmother. I did not or do not struggle with infertility as I conceived after only4 months of trying. At that time I thought it was a lifetime, but I know now that others struggle for years and even decades to try for a little one. I am trying my best to learn about all of this and be a support system for you women. NO I am not going through this but I WANT to understand and HELP yall get through this journey. I want to know everything that is going on and Ipray and hope you will get your blessing from above. I hope you dont mind me following your journey.

Nikki said...

Sounds like you really know where you're going from here. Good for you! Its so important to be our own advocate!

And I totally don't get why doctors get "insecure" about us seeing any other doctor! It's like we were cheating on them or something!! Thankfully, my local RE here is very sweet. In fact he was the one who recommended we go to CCRM. And he's always asking questions about what CCRM said or did - sort of like he is "gathering data".

Sorry about your falling apart after the appointment. I know how that feels. I'm stuck where I was too - so I totally get you there.

Hugs to you!

Living With Loss said...

My Drs never like it when I see another Dr either! They like to be the one and only in charge!

I'm glad he listened to you though and is going to follow your plan. I really hope you have some good news soon.